Hi, my name is Dan Barber. I’m a web designer and developer in Devon. I design and build standards compliant websites that are simple, usable and attractive using open source software technologies.

I love learning new things and that means I build forward looking websites and web applications that make use of modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. I'll always make sure that older browsers will get served an appropriate design.

I like to work mostly with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL, but I also have extensive experience with PHP and MySQL if needed.

Interested in hiring me? Check out my CV.

An Agile Approach

It’s common approach for a designer to mock up website designs in their favourite graphics application (Photoshop and Fireworks are popular) but I have found it better to mock up website designs using HTML and CSS, the languages of the web. This means that the visual is exactly what you will see when the site is done. It also means less work further along because the HTML code is already written.

Working this way gives me the ability to quickly make changes and to adapt as the project progresses.